A greater experience in recycled plastic products
On 1 September, 2016 Integrated Recycling acquired the business of Cosset Industries Australia Pty Ltd, another significant step in the development of the composite recycled plastic products industry in Australia.

Cosset with its well known brands of DuraComp, EverTuff, EverDeck and PlastiPole will join with IR’s Envire brand to provide a greater range of composite recycled plastic products, such as decking, outdoor furniture, boardwalks, bollards and industrial products. 
Cosset will retain its brand and website, but will trade under the Integrated Recycling banner. For the time being Cosset’s sales and customer service team will continue to operate from its Woodside, South Australia premises, but the innovative products made by Cosset, such as the PlastiPole will now be made at IR’s Mildura plant.

The IR and Cosset sales team will be relocating to new premises in the near future, but for the time being each team’s contact details will remain the same. The Cosset email addresses will transition to the IR email address over time.
Further announcements, including new branding will be made as the integration occurs and we will keep you updated.

Please do not hesitate to raise any queries with your normal IR or Cosset contact or you can call Verity Manning, Business Development Manager on 1300 729 253.   

So… we warmly welcome you to our next chapter and look forward to offering you the highest quality, most durable and best value recycled plastic products available.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Webster (General Manager)

Recycle & Recreate...with Envire™

Integrated Recycling (IR) is a member of the Integrated Packaging Group and is the link that enables waste plastic to be recycled and recreated as Envire™ composite recycled plastic products such as bollards, fencing, benches, seats, tables, decking, park furniture, signs, posts, walkways, boardwalks, rope ladders, pallets and more.

Integrated Recycling’s technology enables the group to recycle agricultural and other polyethylene based plastics into a range of Envire™ timber substitute products. In our process waste plastics, otherwise destined for landfill, are used to make a patented mix that is transformed into a wide range of products. The range of products continues to grow as our customers find new and innovative ways to use the variety of profiles we make.

Products made from composite recycled materials can vary in final dimensional specifications and colour from batch to batch. The dimensional variations occur due to different shrinkage rates, but we estimate a variance of approximately 2%. The colour shade may differ slightly from batch to batch.

Envire™ products are: • Continually recyclable • Non-toxic & washable • Can be treated like timber • Easy to handle • Resist breakage • Handle extreme climates • Rot, pest & UV resistant • Very low water absorption • Non-leaching • Longer lasting