Our Products

Product Benefits

As well as the environmental benefits, there are a number of reasons to choose IR products made from a recycled plastic composite. Our products:

  • • Are continually recyclable
  • • Are non-toxic and washable
  • • Can be drilled,screwed, stapled and routed
  • • Are easy to handle
  • • Resist breakage and do not splinter
  • • Can accept electric pulse for animal containment

Longer Lasting

Products made from IR's patented recycled plastic composite mix will generally outlast those products traditionally made from wood. The products are:

  • • Unaffected by extreme climates
  • • Rot resistant and have very low water absorption
  • • Non-leaching of contaminants beyond minimal detectable levels
  • • Suitable for sensitive marine environments
  • • Resistant to UV damage
  • • Immune to pests such as white ants

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