Termite & Rot Resistant Bollards

Envire Square and Round Bollards

Envire bollards are resistant to termites, rot, water and sun damage. They are strong, long-lasting and don’t require painting or oiling. Built tough, easy to work with (drill, screw, rout), non-toxic, washable and made from splinter-free patented composite recycled plastic. The Envire bollards are made in Australia from waste agricultural and other plastics. They are perfect for parkland, recreational reserves and corporate buildings in eco friendly colours of green, earth brown and charcoal. The bollard top styles include domed, pyramid, sloping and flat.

Composite Recycled Plastic Bollards

IR also distributes the versatile Evertuff range of composite recycled plastic bollards that complement the Envire range.

  • EverTuff Bollards
  • Envire Bollards at Warrandale Mills
  • Envire Bollards at Gol Gol Hotel
  • Envire Round Bollards
  • Envire Fencing Bollards
  • Envire Bollard with Acrylic Insert

Golden Sun Moth on the bollard (image bottom right) reproduced courtesy of Thompson Berrill Landscape Design

Envire Safety Bollards

Designed for work and other safety conscious environments where people and assets need to be separated from vehicles. The Envire bollards can be painted to make them highly visible and can be easily removable. Envire’s composite recycled plastic profiles are non conductive and suitable to protect sensitive electrical installations.

  • Safety Bollards
  • Safety Bollards

Envire Bollards are customisable

Envire bollards can be fitted with lockable in-ground sleeves enabling quick removal. Reflective safety strips and a variety of unique signage made from durable, weather proof materials can be applied. IR will make custom shaped bollards to suit particular applications.

  • Lockable bollard
  • Reflective Strip Bollard BG999


#1 Applying the Blowtorch!

An Envire composite recycled plastic bollard is put to the blowtorch and proves itself to be fire tolerant.