Commercial Maintenance Free Decking

Commercial Decking Boards

Strong, long-lasting and most importantly, our decking boards don’t require painting or oiling. They are resistant to termites, rot, water and sun damage. Our decking boards and substructures are perfect for a wide range of applications and are built tough and easy to work with – drill, screw and rout.

Composite Recycled Plastic Decks

Our Envire, Duracomp and Evertuff decking complement each other enabling you to choose that deck that best suits your particular environment. They are non-toxic, washable and made from splinter-free composite recycled plastic.

  • DuraComp Deck at Wilpena SA
  • Putney Park Sydney
  • DuraComp Deck at West Lakes Bowling Club
  • Popeye Deck
  • Envire Outback decking
  • Envire Deck at Newbury Reserve
  • Houseboat Decking
  • DuraComp Commercial Decking
  • James Cook University Daintree rainforest observatory

Duracomp Deck140


→  Double sided – Choose from 2 grooved finishes
→  Available in 5 colours – high level of UV and colour stability
→  Standard colours are Red Earth and Dark Earth, other colours available on order
→  Duracomp Deck140 boards can be directly fixed or secured by hidden wing clips
→  140mm wide, 24mm deep – Maximum length 5400mm
→  Long design life – limited 10 year warranty


→  Duracomp Deck140 has a recommended maximum span of 400mm
→  Installation can take advantage of the hidden clip fixing system
→  Will not crack, warp or splinter
→  No maintenance other than cleaning
→  Heavy duty, long wearing and easy under foot

  DuraComp Decking 140 Assembly Instructions

Duracomp Hidden Wing Clip System

Designed to remove all traces of fixing screws or nails, the DuraComp hidden wing clip system provides a clean, seemless visual presentation of your deck.

 Duracomp Decking Wing Clips Assembly instructions

Envire Commercial Decking

decking board, envire

Ideally suited to handle harsh environmental conditions, where it’s often used as boardwalk decking, but is adaptable and can be used in any location where you want a more substantial deck with a greater span.  The safe load table below sets out the spans on which it can be laid.


→  Available in charcoal and rich earth brown with a high level of UV and colour stability
→  Direct fix installation
→  150mm or 200mm wide, 50mm deep – Maximum length 3000mm
→  Long design life – 10 year warranty


→  Recommended span of 600mm as per Safe Load Table, wider spans can be used
→  Will not crack, warp or splinter
→  No maintenance other than cleaning
→  Heavy duty, long wearing and easy under foot
→  100% sourced from Australian recycled agricultural and other plastics

 Envire Decking Board Fixing Instructions

Evertuff Commercial Decking

A wonderful and versatile recycled wood plastic composite decking material that is suitable for just about anything related to building, landscaping and public open space. From high profile decking and marine situations to maintenance free performance in passive low use areas, Evertuff Commercial Decking is easy to work with and is available in any manageable length from 100mm.


 Available in Ripple or Deep Groove
 Won’t rot, rust or split
 Manufactured to required length, no wastage
 Use all the same tools as with wood
 Will not crack, warp or splinter
 Easy to install
 No maintenance other than regular cleaning
 Diverts waste plastic and timber from landfill
 High level of UV and colour stability therefore retains permanent colour
 Heavy duty, long wearing


Evertuff Commercial Ripple Groove Decking recommended maximum span is 700mm.

We have an alliance with Simpson Strong-Tie which means that we will recommend the most efficient installation system. Some of the benefits of using the Evertuff Recycled Commercial Decking with the Quik Drive auto feed systems include:
→  No bending over during installation
→  Can’t over tighten screws
→  Reduces installation times by up to 70%
→  No need to pre drill pilot holes
→  Ensures every screw has a clean finish
→  The Quik Drive® Composi-Lok screw is the ideal fastener combining ease of installation and reliability with a finished look that will complement any deck.

“Wings” on the shaft counterbore the hole, creating a channel for excess material and reducing upward pressure on the head of the screw. This prevents the screw from “spinning out” when fastening harder boards in cold or wet conditions. The cap style head captures any mushrooming material, keeping it out of sight and ensuring a clean-looking installation.