Tough. Durable. Fit for Purpose.

FlexiTech Crossovers

Our long-life plastic crossovers are tougher than wooden crossovers.
Made using profiles from the Envire splinter-free patented composite recycled plastic range which is 100% sourced from Australian waste plastics.
Steel strapping secures the planks together, our crossovers provide maximum strength to support heavy machinery accessing sites.

FlexiTech Case Study

Wet weather and continuous wear and tear greatly affected SiteTech’s wooden crossovers to the point that they regularly disintegrated soon after installation. The screws and strapping used to hold the boards together separated from the timber, limiting the crossover’s ability to fulfil its purpose as ‘asset protection’.

Integrated Recycling has worked closely with SiteTech to create SiteTech FlexiTech Crossovers that are up to 5 times stronger* than wooden crossovers.

Excitingly, SiteTech have not had any broken FlexiTech Crossovers since they were introduced to the market in August 2016.

FlexiTech Crossovers:
→  perform equally in all weather conditions, at all sites
→  do not splinter or fall to pieces;
→  stay strapped together**; and
→  do not wear down or break. If you get one that does, we will replace it FOC and recycle it back into new crossovers!

‘They make life easier’

They make life easier for everyone from the business to the builder, developer, council and event manager.

For more information call 1800 SiteTech (1800 748 383).

* NOTE: The load rating of FlexiTech crossovers is dependant on the surface over which it is laid. The Flexitech crossovers do not carry or support the load, but transfer it to the ground below. For further details please refer to the Sitetech website.

**FlexiTech crossovers are not designed for machines to clean their tracks or tyres on or to be moved from their original installation position.