Environmental Benefits

Recycling & Reuse

Integrated Recycling is dedicated in its efforts to reduce waste by recycling materials to create engineered endurance products. This has decreased the amount of waste plastics in the form of polyethylene polymers and polystyrene being sent to landfill.

By making a range of timber substitute products from materials otherwise regarded as waste, IR is contributing to the saving of forests and providing a range of products more suited to its task than timber. IR has growing interest from groups specifically wanting ‘green’ products for a variety of uses. The big plus is that IR products are made from recycled products, which, at the end of its long life can be recycled again.

The appeal of IR products is not only environmental, but also practical. IR's products are good for many years because they don’t rot or splinter or attract pests, such as termites — all shortcomings of traditional timber products.

IR processes approximately 4,000m3 of polystyrene each year, which equates to between 30 and 60 tonnes depending on its density. IR believes its recycling of plastics and polystyrene will save up to 400 tonnes of landfill during the current financial year. This process has an endless life cycle, as once it has been reprocessed it can be recycled over and again into various products.

Circle of Use

recycled plastic cycle

1.Using virgin plastic resin. 2.Creating agricultural & industrial plastic films. 3.Transforming waste plastic into a patented composite mix. 4.Creating engineered endurance products for use in agriculture, industry and everyday use.

Types of Plastic

Integrated Recycling’s patented recycled composite mix is made from a combination of post consumer waste polymers from the categories of polymer resins designated by the international codes below. We recycle and use a range of polyethylene (PE) from high density through medium density to low density and polystyrene.

The end of life or post consumer materials are sourced from a variety of agricultural, industrial, transport, retail and consumer uses.

(2)High density Polyethylene (4)Low density Polyethylene (5)Polystyrene