What is Envire™?
Envire™ is the name of Integrated Recycling's range of products made from our patented composite recycled plastic products.

What product colours are available?




Do you have agents?

Yes we have variety of agents located around Australia and in New Zealand. We will assist you with your enquires and direct you to the relevant agent as necessary. Please call customer service on 1300 729 253 or (03) 5023 0533 or email us at customer_service@integratedrecycling.com.au

Where do I find all of the independent test results for the Envire® products?

You can view all of the Envire™ independent test results on our Technical Data & Testing Results page.

Are the Envire® products safe to use for organic vegetable gardens?

Yes, please click to see our Environmental Properties Data Sheet showing the results of minimal contaminant leaching into the surrounding environment.

Do you make a railway sleeper for landscaping?

We produce rectangular profiles, such as 200mm x 50mm x 2400mm and 150mm x 50mm x 2400mm that can be used to build low retaining walls. Please note that this profile is not certified for use in railway projects. We also have a variety of other profiles for use in garden edging.

What are the dimensions and prices of the Envire® range of products?

Click to access our Products page containing our product list providing specifications of the sizes of products. Please Contact Us for pricing.

Can I treat the Envire™ range of products like timber?

Yes, they can be screwed, nailed, drilled and routed and generally treated as you would treat an equivalent hardwood timber product. Click to view our Mechanical Properties Data Sheet and the results of our independent testing.

Are the Envire™ range of products fire resistant?

Yes, the product will not sustain a flame after the source of the fire has been extinguished. Click to view Fire Test Results.

Do you make decking profiles and what loads do they support?

Yes, we make two sizes, one is suitable for public boardwalks or walkways and the other for residential decking. Please refer to our Products page. To view the safe load tables, click for Public Boardwalks and Walkways and for Residential Decking.

What types of plastic do you recycle?

Integrated Recycling’s patented mix is made from a combination of post consumer waste polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene plastics from the polymer resins designated below.

(2)High density Polyethylene (4)Low density Polyethylene (6)Polystyrene

 Where do you source the recycled materials?

One significant source of PE is from agricultural films used in the surrounding districts that are diverted from landfill. We receive styrene from the agricultural sector, industry, retailers and consumers and from landfills that separately stream it. We use a variety of different sources of recyclable material that is otherwise diverted from landfill.

How much will it cost to have the products sent to me?

Each delivery varies and its cost is dependent on the size and weight of the order and to where it is being delivered. Freight quotations are obtained before sending any product.

Can you make products that aren’t on your product list?

Yes, we will consider making specialty products, assessed at the time, particularly if it involves specialised engineering that will require appropriate lead times and minimum order quantities.

Are the Envire™ range of products suitable for fencing?

Yes, the products are suitable for general fencing applications for animal containment and crop segregation and if often used in both harsh and sensitive national park environments to protect against erosion from humans or animals. Please refer to the Fencing section of the website.

Do the Envire™ products absorb moisture?
There is very little moisture can be absorbed by the wood fibre encapsulated in the recycled plastics. The products are ideally suited for areas of high humidity or when submerged in marine environments as their mechanical properties will not be adversely affected. Independent water absorption tests were conducted on the Envire® products  - Click to view the Water Absorption Test Results.

What is the effect of ultra violet light and high temperatures on the Envire® products?
(a) UV spectrum
The UV spectrum affects the surface of the plastic by breaking down its molecular structure. UV inhibitors delay or prevent such breakdown, but in any event the deleterious effect of the UV spectrum on IR's products is minimal. International data indicates that UV exposure will degrade light coloured products by approximately 76 microns or 3mm of their total volume over 40 years. Each of the colours that are used in the Envire® range contain UV inhibitors and do not fade over time.
(b) Infrared light
Infrared light has no effect on the mechanical properties of IR's products, but in intense thermal conditions the plastic will exhibit dimensional change. In unsupported products, the "hot face" will elongate in comparison to the "cold face". The effect of such thermal expansion is very minimal and the product will contract to its normal dimension when the thermal conditions cool. Independent thermal expansion testing was carried out on the Envire® products – click here to see the results

Can you paint or stain the Envire™ products?
Yes the products can be successfully painted using acrylic paints, but staining will not be successful, because paint will bond to the surface, but stains will not be absorbed.  Please enquire through Customer Service for further information about paints.

Does the decking warp?
No the decking will not warp when fixed in accordance with the instructions. Minor elongation can occur in certain thermal conditions and will then return to normal dimension when the conditions cool as described above.