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Composite Recycled Plastic Fencing

Strong, long-lasting and doesn’t require painting or oiling, our fencing is resistant to termites, water, rot and sun damage. It is non toxic, built tough and easy to work – drill, screw, rout.  Design a fence to suit your requirements with profiles and colours from the Envire, Duracomp and Evertuff ranges. Our profiles allow for a variety of options, with an extensive range of posts, strainers and stays that are suitable for harsh landscapes and climates.

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Whether you’re building a picket fence around a cricket oval or a sturdy barrier around a dressage arena, or even a protective fence to stop livestock erosion, talk to our customer service team to plan your project and meet your budget.

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Shark Bay Marine Fencing

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area in northern Western Australia encompasses some of Australia’s most impressive and significant natural treasures. Project Eden aimes to recreate Shark Bay’s natural ecosystem and is focused on the Peron Peninsula with a number of goals including the removal of feral animals.

Project Eden (DEC) were looking for an appropriate non-corrosive, high strength, highly durable and UV resistant material that could easily cope with the very hostile environment of Shark Bay (hypersaline, extreme solar radiation, high evaporation and high winds with salt spray, moisture and dust in the air in a cyclone area) that extend from below water across the small peninsula.

Integrated Recycling was selected to fulfill these needs with the supply of fence and strainer posts to replace parts of the original feral barrier fence that was established in 1991 to keep out cattle, foxes, goats and other non native species.