Envire™ Garden & Landscape Products

Our Envire™ range of tree stakes, garden edging and garden sleepers enable the most imaginative gardener or landscaper to meet their garden or parkland requirements. Our garden stakes are suitable for small sized vegetable plantings or large scale horticultural plantings of fruit and nut trees.

IR's posts are used extensively in viticulture as an alternative to CCA treated wood posts. They do not leach harmful contaminants into the surrounding soil in detectable levels, are easy to install and very durable.

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These recycled plastic garden edging / sleeper and post products made from our patented recycled plastic composite mix will generally outlast those products traditionally made from wood.

That is because the products are:

Unaffected by extreme climates, rot resistant and have very low water absorption are resistant to breakage and do not splinter, non-leaching of contaminants beyond minimal detectable levels, are suitable for sensitive marine environments and are resistant to UV damage. They are also immune to pests such as white ants, continually recyclable, non-toxic and washable, easy to handle and like timber can be drilled,screwed, stapled, painted and routed.

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