Easy to Work & Maintenance Free


The versatile and durable nature of our composite recycled plastic allows for a variety of construction options and applications in environments that challenge more traditional materials.

Workable like timber

Use it like timber (but without the splinters!) and enjoy it without the tedious maintenance.


Our durable recycled fencing components are available in a number of shapes and sizes and can be customised for your project >> Read More

Garden Edging

The Envire posts and tree stakes are used extensively in horticulture and viticulture as a durable, non toxic alternative to treated timber posts. Our testing shows they don’t leach harmful chemicals. The flex in the posts and tree stakes promotes strong root growth and tolerates windy environments >> Read More

Architectural Screens

Perfect for a wide range of architectural applications our screens are strong, long-lasting and don’t require painting or oiling >> Read More

Retaining Walls

Non-toxic, washable and made from splinter-free patented composite recycled plastic – an eco-friendly and durable alternative to treated timber sleepers >> Read More