Specialised Engineered and Other Products

IR makes a range of specialised products and many of our products can be made in other sizes with appropriate lead time. Minimum order sizes apply where specialised tooling is required. Please contact us for further information.

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Envire™ Recycled Plastic Pallets

IR's Envire™ recycled plastic pallets benefit the environmental by using waste agricultural films and other suitable polymers otherwise destined for landfill to create the pallets;
• They replace timber pallets, which are not recyclable, prone to damage or rotting by moisture and are attractive to termites and other insects;
• There is no need to thermally treat plastic pallets as is required for timber pallets prior to export, which then renders the timber pallet useless for any other application;
• The Envire® plastic pallets do not absorb water, do not rot and are resistant to termites or other insects.
• Sizes available to order

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Miniature Railway Sleepers

Miniature Railway Sleepers

IR manufactures railway sleepers for miniature and experimental railways throughout Australia. The miniature railway are progressively replacing timber sleepers with Envire™ sleepers made from composite recycled plastic that are resistant to rot and termites. The sleepers are easy to handle and can be nailed, sawn, drilled, stapled. The Envire™ railway sleepers are 100% recyclable and long lasting.

Rope Ladders

Durable, Safe & Splinter Proof

Manufactured with all the benefits that IR’s products carry, our rope ladders provide a safe, flexible and durable alternative to either a traditional rigid ladder or timber rope ladder.

IR’s Rope Ladders are made from our patented recycled plastic composite mix and are constructed to endure in a variety of challenging environments from children’s playgrounds to agricultural dams or commercial applications. Download Brochure

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