Our Projects

DuraTrack Railway Sleepers

Mt Eliza pedestrian crossing

IR supplied sleepers for the Mornington Railway that were installed in a refurbishment of the pedestrian crossings at Wooralla Drive and Bungower Roads, Mt Eliza, Vic in August 2016. The sleepers were installed using conventional sleeper renewal equipment and dog screws as the fasteners. The installation was a great success and will enable the railway to have a durable, cost effective long life alternative to traditional timber sleepers.

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Track Care WA Inc

Wakunpu Well Head – Canning Stock Route

Track Care WA Inc. is a non-profit organisation that supports the sustainable management and environmental protection of vehicular tracks, particularly those of cultural and heritage significance. IR supports Track Care’s rehabilitation works along the historic Canning Stock Route at 1850kms, the longest of its kind in the world.

Wakunpu (or well 3) is one of the wells restored by Track Care WA to provide drinking water on this world class 4WD track. The well heads along the route were made from timber that has not survived the harsh environment, particularly from termite attack. The well head and lining boards were replaced using Envire boards to provide a cost effective and long term solution to frustrate the termites, whilst maintaining water quality.

Canoe Launcher – Kings Billabong, VIC

Custom made to clients specifications

This modular all abilities facility was developed by IR for Parks Victoria to simply enable the launch and return of canoes and kayaks and to stop the erosion of the bank of the billabong. All of the recycled plastic components are made from a variety of Envire products. The paddler is able to roll down the launcher using the rails and float into the water from the hinged section that sinks under the weight of the paddler. The extended rails enables the paddler to pull the craft onto the floating section and slip back up the launcher.

The canoe launcher is proving really popular on rivers, lakes and billabongs in both fresh and salt water environments.

Popeye Landing SA

Commercial Decking

The fleet of boats called ‘The Popeye’ are South Australian State Heritage icons.  Since the first boat was launched on the River Torrens in 1935, the trip on The Popeye from Elder Park to the Adelaide Zoo has historically been a treasured family outing and the boats have also hosted weddings and other events.  The tradition continues and you can still find The Popeye at the motor launch in Elder Park in front of the Adelaide Festival Centre.  When it came time to upgrade the decking at the motor launch, Adelaide City Council chose the Duracomp recycled wood plastic decking Deck140, in the outstanding red earth colour.

Oyster farming – Clyde River, NSW

Australia and New Zealand

Envire posts and rails provide a safe and durable alternative to creosote treated timber products previously used in oyster farming in this difficult marine and high UV environment. The Envire posts and rails were installed in 2007 and are used throughout the oyster industry in Australia and New Zealand.

University of South Australia – City West Campus

Duracomp Furniture and Slats

Cosset was commissioned to install new park furniture in the Uni SA’s City West Campus Hoj Plaza that was durable, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly. Using solid Duracomp 95x40mm slats in various colours, a refreshing and relaxing space was created for Uni SA’s students to enjoy as they studied or took a break.

Cosset was able to match the criteria put forward by the learning institution thanks to its collaborative planning process and weather-proof long-lasting outdoor furniture, along with other building necessities for high foot-traffic areas.

Shark Bay Fencing – WA

Envire Fencing

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area in northern Western Australia encompasses some of Australia’s most impressive and significant natural treasures. Project Eden aims to recreate Shark Bay’s natural ecosystem and is focused on the Peron peninsula with a number of goals including the removal of feral animals.

Project Eden looked for an appropriate non corrosive, high strength, highly durable and UV resistant material that could easily cope with the very hostile environment of Shark Bay. Positioned in a cyclone prone area, this hostile environment also included hyper-salinity, extreme solar radiation, high evaporation and strong winds containing salt spray, moisture and dust. IR was selected to fulfil these needs with the supply of fence and strainer posts to replace parts of the original feral barrier fence that was established in 1991 to keep out cattle, foxes, goats and other non native species.