Maintenance Free Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Resistant to Termites

Resistant to termites, rot, water and sun damage. Our furniture has been designed for parkland, recreational reserves and corporate buildings.  Customer designed or ‘off the shelf’ outdoor furniture including wheelchair friendly tables. Our outdoor furniture is beautifully designed and proportioned. It is delivered flat packed for protection and economic freight costs – and is easily assembled on arrival.

Classic Outdoor Furniture

Perfect for the harsh Australian climate and made to outperform timber products. Our outdoor furniture is unaffected by extreme climates, has proven performance in coastal and wetland regions and can be secured to concrete slabs or cemented into the ground.

 Integrated Recycling Product List – Outdoor Furniture

  • Envire Wetlands Table with Bench Seats, Mildura Eco Village
  • Envire Wave Seat
  • Envire Wetlands Table with Bench Seats
  • Adroit Evertuff Grandstand Seating
  • Envire Wall Mounted Change Room Seating
  • Envire Murray Picnic Setting
  • Envire Mallee Bench with Back and Arms Rest
  • Envire Big Desert Bench
  • Envire Mallee Bench with Back

Technical Specs

Assembly Instructions

DuraComp ‘Contemporary’ Seat >> View specs

DuraComp ‘Contemporary’ Seat >> View assembly

DuraComp ‘Backless Contemporary’ Seat

DuraComp ‘Backless Contemporary’ Seat >> View assembly

DuraComp ‘Coonawarra’ Picnic Setting >> View specs

DuraComp ‘Coonawarra’ Picnic Setting >> View assembly

DuraComp ‘Eco T’ Seat

DuraComp ‘Eco T’ Seat >> View assembly

Outdoor furniture

DuraComp ‘Ornate

DuraComp ‘Ornate

Envire ‘Tasman Bench’ >> View specs

Envire ‘Tasman Bench’ >> View assembly

Envire ‘Wentworth’ Picnic Table
>> View specs

Envire ‘Wentworth’ Picnic Table
>> View assembly

Envire ‘Wetlands’ Picnic Setting >> View specs

Envire ‘Wetlands’ Picnic Setting >> View assembly

Envire ‘Rio Vista’ Bench >> View specs

Envire ‘Rio Vista’ Bench >> View assembly

Envire ‘Little Desert’ Bench >> View specs

Envire ‘Little Desert’ Bench >> View assembly

Envire ‘Mallee’ Bench >> View specs

Envire ‘Mallee’ Bench >> View assembly

Envire ‘Murray’ Picnic Setting >> View specs

Envire ‘Murray’ Picnic Setting >> View assembly

Envire ‘Big Desert’ Bench >> View specs

Envire ‘Big Desert’ Bench

Envire ‘Hexagonal’ Seat >> View specs

Envire ‘Hexagonal’ Seat

Envire ‘Riverland’ Wall Mounted Seat >> View specs

Envire ‘Riverland’ Wall Mounted Seat

Envire ‘Silver City’ Table and Bench Seat >> View specs

Envire ‘Silver City’ Table and Bench Seat

Envire ‘Wave Seat’ >> View specs

Envire ‘Wave Seat’