Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging Group (IPG) is Australia’s largest specialist manufacturer and distributor of stretch film wrap and associated products and has expanded into printed polyethylene products and PVC food films. Servicing both agricultural and industrial markets, IPG provides high quality and cost-effective solutions for protecting your crop, stock and warehouse goods.

Integrated Machinery

Integrated Machinery was established in 1990 as part of the Integrated Packaging Group. We’re recognised as the leading manufacturer of quality stretch wrapping machines, equipment and systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. We're also proud agents for the Lantech range of equipment from the USA.

Christie Parksafe

Christie Parksafe barbecue products are specifically designed for use in public areas. They set world’s best practice with regards the important criteria of Safety, Hygiene, and Efficiency that all public cooking systems must meet.

Track Care WA

Track Care WA Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation established to ensure:

·       Four wheel drive tracks within WA are maintained and remain available for future generations
·       The public having a greater appreciation of Indigenous and European history of vehicular tracks in Western Australia
·       Buildings of significant heritage and historical importance within WA are restored for the public to experience and be educated by
·       Enhancement of the natural environment within WA for future generations to enjoy.

PAWS 4 PLAY is committed to helping councils and dog owners’ work together to provide well-planned opportunities for dogs and their owners in the community. PAWS4PLAY is also committed to encouraging positive pet ownership understandings and attitudes, particularly in children.