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Bin Retention System

PlastiPole is an easy to install bin retention system for public open space, institutions and commercial facilities. The patented stainless steel locking mechanism delivers the quickest & easiest bin release. Made from 100% recycled plastic body which means each Plastipole prevents 8kg of rubbish entering landfill. Plastipole’s security record has proven to reduce bin theft and hard rubbish dumping, while increasing public and employee safety.

Plastipole utilises UV stabilised material ensuring a long and cost effective product life.

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Plastipole Award Winning

The Award Winning PlastiPole was designed in response to Local Governments requirements. It is widely acclaimed as the best general purpose MGB (Mobile Garbage Bin) security pole available. The body of Plastipole is 100% recycled plastic and it’s no wonder that the warranty period alone outlasts most of the competition. The patented design makes it easy to empty & reload. In fact no other MGB can match the PlastiPole for fastest reload time.

The PlastiPole has been implemented by many Local Governments nationally with great success.  It’s stainless steel components make the PlastiPoles ideal for coastal environments & the thermal buffer is fantastic in areas where steel options are too hot to touch in summer & can freeze over in winter.

Manufactured from 100% recycled material it is long lasting, robust, rust, rot and split proof. The PlastiPole’s maintenance free components mean it has a long and cost effective product life. The range of standard features have an unsurpassed safety and security record and are proven to reduce bin theft, vandalism, increase public and employee safety as well as maintain aesthetic standards. The PlastiPole has passed the test of time in open public space, beating hard waste dumping and ensuring bin retention in the harshest conditions.

Key Features

→  PlastiPole suits all sized wheelie bins
→  100% recycled plastic body
→  Each PlastiPole prevents 8 kg of rubbish entering landfill
→  PlastiPole enables organisations to reduce their environmental footprint
→  The recycled plastic body ensures there is no:

– Deterioration of appearance
– Rusting surfaces
– Failure of moving parts

→  The one PlastiPole model suits all wheelie bin (MGB) sizes to reduce your inventory
→  A complete one piece body means a stronger, safer bin retention system
→  No welds, screws or joining bolts
→  Unique locking mechanism
→  PlastiPole offers the quickest and easiest bin release & relock time in its class
→  Curved edges & protrusion free safety first design reduces potential operator liability
→  PlastiPole’s small footprint means it can be easily retrofitted to existing bin sites
→  PlastiPole’s design has proven as robust as metal, but safer and longer lasting
→  UV stabilized recycled plastic post guarantees long life and product appearance