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Smart & Sustainable Recycled Plastic Solutions

IR's recycled plastic products have a wide application and have been employed in small and large scale projects throughout Australasia by corporations and community groups such as land and housing developers and landscapers, local government councils and parks authorities to school and fencing contractors in a variety of environments and situations. We have added some examples below including some testimonials of our products and service.

Fencing for Foreshore Protection - Town of East Fremantle, WA

The Town of East Fremantle used the product to install fencing for foreshore stabilisation and protection along the Swan River in East Fremantle. The fencing was installed to limit public access to areas of sensitive flora along the foreshore. The materials and design of the fence was chosen to limit the visual impact of the fencing and contribute to the amenity of the area. The fence was constructed in such a manner to allow pedestrian access to the river in areas that have become pathways due to continual pedestrian usage.s currently being installed.

Seating for Roebourne Cultural Centre, Roebourne, WA

The amphitheatre is the first stage of the Roebourne Cultural Centre, which when completed will consist of a museum/keeping place, café, men’s spaces building, women’s spaces building as well as  a multipurpose building for meetings and functions, offices for administration of local Indigenous foundations and associations, parks and outdoor spaces and a project room and workshop/studio. The project is being built for the Ngarluma Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd managed by John Bamman and designed by Toland Architectural Design Partners.

Totems for Ranfurly Primary & St Pauls Primary, VIC

school seating


Bollards for fauna protection stockland development, Cragieburn, VIC

The Golden Sun Moth is listed as critically endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). The protection policy applies to grassland and open grassy woodland habitat across the current and historic range of the golden sun moth,from far western Victoria to southeastern New South Wales, including the ACT. The new Highlands estate in Melbourne's North had a significant conservation site to protect from damage and chose our GSM bollards with a decorative acrylic plate depicting the moth, to section off the area. The GSM bollards were designed for the project by Thompson Berrill Landscape Design. The project is currently being installed.

Marine Fencing for Shark Bay World Heritage- Northern WA

sharkbay marine fencingThe Shark Bay World Heritage Area in northern Western Australia encompasses some of Australia's most impressive and significant natural treasures.Project Eden aimes to recreate Shark Bay's natural ecosystem and is focused on the Peron Peninsula with a number of goals including the removal of feral animals.

Project Eden (DEC) were looking for an appropriate non-corrosive, high strength, highly durable and UV resistant material that could easily cope with the very hostile environment of Shark Bay (hypersaline, extreme solar radiation, high evaporation and high winds with salt spray, moisture and dust in the air in a cyclone area) that extend from below water across the small peninsula. IR was selected to fulfill these needs with the supply of fence and strainer posts to replace parts of the original feral barrier fence that was established in 1991 to keep out cattle, foxes, goats and other non native species.

Pool seating at Mildura Waves - VIC



Signage for Hume City Council - VIC
IR made large totem signs for parkland in Craigeburn in Victoria where specific acrylic inserts were printed and fitted flush into routed areas of the totem.
Boardwalk and Parking Barriers, Rose Bay - Lyne Park, NSW

Lyne Park is situated on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour at  Rose Bay Ferry Terminal opposite the historic Royal Sydney Golf Club. The Woollahra Council chose IR’s recycled plastic products to build a boardwalk  over a wetland area and for parking barriers and bollards around the park. The project was designed by Thompson Berrill Landscape Design to capture run off from adjacent roadways and carparks before filtering it back into Sydney Harbour.

Shade structures at Mildura Mall- VIC

The Mildura Rural City Council has undertaken a major redevelopment of the City’s Mall and IR’s products were chosen to create shade sails around the Mall. The council chose Envire™ profiles as battens in the steel shade structure to absorb the extreme summer temperatures to provide relief for uses of the mall.

Rope Ladders for Origin Energy- QLD

Origin Energy has chosen IR’s rope ladders for its plastic lined dams in the gas fields of western Queensland. The ladders float, because the density of the plastic rungs is less than one and do not rot. The nylon rope used was supplied by Donaghys.

Signage for Conservation zone, Cairns, Queensland

New signage created from Envire® profiles specifically for Green Corridor Conservation Site
Machans Beach, Cairns- Queensland.

Decking for Portable Housing- Australia wide

IR’s Envire™ deck was chosen to replace timber decking on a range of portable houses. The Envire™ deck made from composite recycled plastic will not rot or splinter and will not need painting or staining so is virtually maintenance-free. The Envire™ deck is an ideal solution as many of these portable houses are located in harsh environments without maintenance or other services. The Envire™ deck can be cut, drilled or sawn like timber and is attached directly to the steel frame. IR has provided a cost effective and sustainable solution to standard timber decking.

Boardwalk at King's Billabong Reserve- Mildura, VIC

A new eco-friendly boardwalk made from Envire™ composite recycled plastic products has been installed in the Kings Billabong Park near Mildura. Bordering the Murray River, the Kings Billabong Park is a 2,154ha high conservation value Park that is home to wetlands of international significance. The Boardwalk is needed to allow access during times of high water flow. The project team headed by Parks Victoria and the Friends of Kings Billabong, worked with Integrated Recycling to design and develop the boardwalk.

Putney Park Hill Project- Sydney, NSW

Environmental partnership has carried out the landscape design and other tasks as part of the Putney Hill project on the former Ryde Rehabilitation hospital site at Putney. It is a residential housing, multi-residential and apartment development on a steeply sloping site.
The first phase of the project is the 2.4 hectare Lardelli Park. The park sits at the heart of the development and consists of lush parklands around a central pond and features a children’s playground, walking/jogging trail and viewing platforms.
IR has supplied the Envire™ deck for the boardwalks and the children’s playground and other Envire™ profiles for seating and retaining wall and has worked closely with Exterior Motives Landscaping on the installation.

Cutten Brothers Walking Track- Misson Beach, QLD

The Cutten Brothers walking track replaces a timber boardwalk that was destroyed by Cyclone Yasi. The Cassowary Coast Regional Council took the opportunity to stipulate the use of Envire™ deck for this important public boardwalk access trail that travels through the mangroves. The appeal of the Envire™ deck was its durability, minimal water absorption and rot resistance making it practically maintenance free in a wet sub tropical environment. The replacement trail was designed and built by Chris Watt from Tropical Coast Builders.

Boardwalk- Portland Roads, QLD

It is an elevated Envire™ boardwalk built by the Cook Shire Council to access the public toilet facility at Portland Roads in far north Queensland that would otherwise be marooned during the wet season. Portland Roads is located on the coast just north of Lockhart River about 550km as the crow flies north of Cairns and adjoins the Iron Range National Park, the largest remaining lowland tropical rainforest in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef meets the mainland at Restoration Island and Portland Roads has unique and safe anchorages for vessels from both the south easterly and north westerly winds. It is fringed by reef and beaches. There are only 8 houses at Portland Roads and another 3 at nearby Cape Weymouth.

Track Care WA- Well 3, Canning Stock Route

Wakunpu (or Well 3) on the Canning Stock Route is one of the wells restored by Track Care WA to provide potable water on this world class 4WD adventure track. A campsite and toilet has also been constructed in the vicinity to minimise impact on the environment. This environment is harsh – including the termites! The top of this well had deteriorated to the extent that it was not safe for travellers to draw water. By replacing the top two layers with Envire sleeper boards, the safety aspect has been resolved and a cost effective, long term solution to frustrate the termites whilst maintaining drinking quality of the water has now been achieved.

Wetland sculpture installation for Ballarat City Council- Doug Dean Recreational Reserve, Delacombe, Ballarat, Victoria


Artist Chris Mether launches ‘HOME’ –
A wetland sculpture installation commissioned by Ballarat City Council at Doug Dean Recreational Reserve, Delacombe, Ballarat, Victoria Floating wetland islands have been installed in the lake, creating a safe refuge for birds from dogs, cats and foxes. Reed beds will act as a water filtration system in that the exposed roots of the reeds draw out pollutants, such as nitrogen, phosphorous and toxic metals including copper and zinc, which have flooded into the wetland system from the urban environment. The resulting healthier water system will have a direct impact on the health of bird life. Birdhouses have been installed on the island in the iconic form of a human house; pitched roof, square walls, windows and door. This is the same minimal house form children often draw; it is what we make when we create a dolls house, a cubby house, a letter-box or a chock house. It has a symbolic function, symbolising ‘home’. Integrated Recycling's recycled plastic products were used for the structure of the islands and vertical supports for the bird and light houses. To emphasise the importance of ‘home’, the bird houses are to be clad in the same metals that the wetlands extracts from the environment; copper, zinc and brass (brass being an alloy of copper and zinc). While these metals can be toxic in the environment they are essential elements in our current human lifestyle, used in manufacture and prized as semi precious metals, they are even used in the creation of our currency.


Picnic Tables- TrackCare WA- Yamada Camp in Katjarra (Carnarvon Ranges in the Pilbara region of WA)

Track Care WA: The location is Yamada Camp in Katjarra (Carnarvon Ranges in the Pilbara region of WA). We constructed a campsite, toilet and water collection structure (2 x 9,000 litre tanks) along with the traditional owners (Birriliburu). This is the second camp construction we have undertaken with them in the Carnarvon Ranges. This area has been closed to the public for many years due to vandalism of indigenous art. On 1 July this area will again be open to tourism with camping permitted at these two sites with Birriliburu Rangers stationed at each site during the tourist season. Out of tourist season, the Birriliburu community will use the sites to conduct critical natural and cultural resource management work. This project has been discussed in the WA Parliament.

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