Strong, Durable & Maintenance Free

Parkland & Architectural Signage

Off the shelf or custom made, our signage is used as both informative and decorative landscape elements in parklands, schools and wetlands. Doesn’t require painting or oiling. Resistant to termites, rot, water and sun damage.

Non-toxic, washable and made from splinter-free composite recycled plastic profiles from the Envire and Evertuff ranges.

  • Tower Estate Horizontal Signage
  • Totem safety signage
  • Redden Island Signage
  • Parkland Signage
  • King's Billabong Signage
  • EverTuff Totem Signage
  • EverTuff Podium Signage
  • EverTuff Plank Signage
  • EverTuff Paddle Signage