Easy to Work & Maintenance Free


The versatile and durable nature of our composite recycled plastic allows for a variety of construction options and applications in environments that challenge more traditional materials.

Workable like timber

Use it like timber (but without the splinters!) and enjoy it without the tedious maintenance.


Workable as marker posts and buoys, aquaculture operations and on shoreline walls and steps >> Read More

Canoe Launcher

Made from Envire splinter-free patented composite recycled plastic profiles , the canoe launcher is strong, long-lasting and resistant to termites, water rot, sun and damage >> Read More

Parkland Signage

Off the shelf or custom made, our signage is used as both informative and decorative landscape elements in parklands, schools and wetlands >> Read More


Our long-life plastic crossovers are tougher than wooden crossovers and made from the Envire splinter-free patented composite recycled plastic >> Read More


PlastiPole is an easy to install bin retention system for public open space, institutions and commercial facilities >> Read More


Paws4Play have developed a range of equipment designed specifically for the public dog park >> Read More