About Integrated Recycling


Our goal is to have a broad and long-lasting impact on sustainability in the infrastructure sector

Integrated Recycling (IR) has developed the patented material Polytensilate from Australian waste plastics. Polytensilate is used throughout the IR product range.

Polytensilate is a tough, extremely durable patented material which contains up to 85% recycled plastics. IR manufactures Polytensilate into Australian products for infrastructure, construction and landscaping. Polytensilate is recyclable over and over and allows us to rethink how materials are valued to achieve sustainability outcomes and targets, while concurrently producing significant cost savings.

Applying Science to Sustainability


Integrated Recycling (IR) transforms redundant Australian agricultural, industrial and consumer plastics into Polytensilate, a tough and extremely durable patented material engineered for infrastructure products where structural integrity is paramount.

IR Aus Green Recy

Polytensilate is one of the solutions to the Australian waste plastic problem.

Developing Polytensilate

The science and drive behind Polytensilate came from IR’s ambition to engineer products for industrial applications where structural integrity is paramount. Polytensilate is a new advanced material that has been used to develop Duratrack railway sleepers, Envire noise barrier wall and Blox Safety Supports, amongst the many other applications.

Polytensilate’s extreme durability is now attracting opportunities where traditional materials like timber, have been used through generations of purchasing habits. The tough long life and environmental attributes of Polytensilate allow our customers to make significant cost savings while achieving sustainability targets.

Waste Plastic: A Resource

IR manufactures the Envire and Duratrack ranges at Mildura, Victoria. We see plastic as a circular resource that benefits both the environment and the market. We recover and repurpose waste plastics, including polystyrene, to make sustainable, low carbon, circular economy products.

Polytensilate harnesses the inherent characteristics of plastic to produce a tough and extremely durable material that saves trees, uses less carbon to manufacture and diverts plastic waste from landfill.

Collected plastics include: Vine covers, cotton wrap, grain bags, silage films, Polystyrene, agricultural pipes, drums and tanks.

From Little Things…

It all began with a simple idea seeded over 15 years ago of turning grape vine covers into vine posts. That idea grew into the Envire Parkscape range of outdoor furniture, bollards and other landscaping products. From there it developed into structural products, like boardwalks, retaining walls and Duratrack railway sleepers.

In the early days of IR, the local councils of Mildura and regional Victoria were strongly represented in our client base. Today our customers use our products throughout the many varied climates of Australia. And in the future, we believe Polytensilate will be in global demand.

Integrated Recycling, a Pro-Pac company

IR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro-Pac Packaging Limited (ASX: PPG), an Australasian leader in the packaging and distribution industry with an expansive manufacturing network servicing a wide range of customers.

In recent years IR strategically acquired Cosset Industries Australia Pty Ltd and Adroit Industries. These acquisitions complemented IR’s Envire Parkscape range and have contributed to IR’s standing as the market leader in recycled plastic products.

An Earned Reputation

We are proud of our well-established reputation of being easy to work with and enthusiastic to find solutions for challenging and innovative projects. Our confidence in having the toughest, most durable products on the market is backed with a 10 year warranty.

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