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The Workers Club, Mildura

Envire Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Mildura has a harsh desert climate that quickly deteriorates outdoor timber furniture. Very cold nights are followed by very hot days. This subjects timber to a relentless and destructive expansion and contraction cycle. Happily, our recycled plastic mix is impervious to temperature extremes and does not absorb water which makes it extremely durable. It has a very long lifespan.


Once renowned for having the ‘World’s Longest Bar’ at 91 metres, the popular Mildura Workers Club has been serving its community since 1894.

The Workers Club was looking to refurbish their existing outdoor timber furniture. The split and damaged timber slats needed replacing.

“The Workers Club came to us in April 2020 looking for a solution for their existing outdoor timber furniture. The timber slats had deteriorated to such a point that they contemplated buying new furniture. But they asked us to come up with a design solution using our recycled plastic slats, which we did, and they loved it. The added bonus was we were a far more cost effective option” said Shay Bruton of IR.


“The project was doable because Envire recycled plastic is easy to work. It screws, routs and cuts just like timber. But we had to design a customised solution around the steel framework – and it had to look good” said Shay.

There were around 30 pieces of furniture to rebuild including bar tables, bar stools and bench seats.


“The Workers Club were attracted to the toughness and extreme durability of our furniture. The extra-long lifespan and maintenance free (no oiling, painting or sanding) features were very appealing to them. Oh, and it is also splinter free!”

“There’s no doubt our recycled plastic outperforms timber. But the cost savings over the lifespan of the furniture was the deal maker. Having a lifespan 3 times that of timber and being completely maintenance free adds up to significant cost savings.”


Shay added “Our recycled plastic profiles are very hard wearing. Our Murray picnic tables installed 8 years ago still look like new – even the one that was under water in the 2014 flood!”

“We have a really good reputation in Mildura and the surrounding districts. About 15% of our work is local, the rest is all over Australia” said Shay.

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